And Or Not Playing Instructions

And or Not is an educational game for learning the boolean operators. In the beginning you can choose your character from a student boy or student girl. The game must load a database of books before starting. This may take a few seconds.

The high score table is shown in the middle and it is updated from the online database. On the top right corner there are two icons you can click on any time during the game play. They switch on or off the music and sound effects.

The game takes place on a book shelve. On the shelves there are wandering deans & professors, who slow your character down. You have 100 seconds time to find the right book and complete a level.

You can move around, climb the stairs and search books. Perform a search by pressing the UP cursor key while you are in front of a book. Mouse can be used for ”sweep-control” your character. The arrow on the left indicates that you can click on the colourful search engine for the new search mission.