Sobby’s Quest

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13.3.2013: Sobby’s Quest has a download link on Google Play for free!

What is a Dragon-Frog?

This game is a platform classic! You are Sobby, a dragon-frog. The mean goblins have messed up the letters. Your mission is to retrieve the letters in the right order and form the right word out of them. Just by blowing bubbles you can detach concrete plates on the goblins. Occasionally you may catch a fly or chew some chilli. These will boost Sobby up and make the Quest a bit easier.

And what makes the Sobby a golden classic? It has very playable sweep-control that renders the clumsy touchpad buttons quite obsolete. The game is small in size (less than 6mb) and yet the sound effects, music and graphics are at professional level. Sobby is a great example how simple idea can bring out wide diversity and high level of addiction.

The game is currently on hold. The old version requires an update.



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