World of Arch

World of Arch has lots of players and
a dedicated wiki & download site

The spirit of 90′s role-playing games does some time-travelling

World of Arch is a turn-based retro-style rogue-like role-playing game with simple graphics and sounds. The full version 2.41 is available for free and it downloads fast (installer only 6Mb!). The game  is fully playable on both keyboard or mouse. Currently it runs only on Windows OS, though the Linux version has been planned.

World of Arch supports several game modes and mission types such as Castle Defence, Kill Zone and Classic story-based RPG. It has a lively game world, several Campaigns from tiny to utterly huge. You can recruit and control troops during the adventure.

A true golden classic! This saga was introduced already in 1994! There is a list of Frequently Asked Questions available on the Finity Games site.

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