F.A.Q.4 Hosting a Party, Party Commands, Load and Save

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Q: What possibilities does the conversation give? And how do I start it?

A: You can establish a conversation by running at somebody when the talk mode is on, or right mouse click on the target and click balloon icon. The conversation scripts are variable, but there is a default script that is covered in this F.A.Q. You can ask the person to join your party, ask more detailed information, ask to swap places or ask spare items. The reactions depends on the Alignments of both sides.


Q: I want to host a party. How do I get one?

A: You can recruit NPC’s by asking them to join your Party. Usually the guys with same or similar Alignment will join you if they are properly equipped. This means an armour, a helmet and a weapon of some sort.



Q: How do I give commands to my party members?

A: If you wish to command all joined characters in the view, you can directly command all on by using the 8-icons on the right side of the screen. Pick Pocket-command is issued individually.


Q: Is there any list of all of my party members?

A: Yes. Press F2 or perform a mouse button-click on the UNITS button. From this little view you can monitor your Party Member’s condition. In some cases it is possible to ask and give items between you and the members through this view.


Q: How do I issue an Attack command to a single party member?

A: The light green square appears on top of the character if you can issue commands to him/her/it. Once you’ve performed left mouse button-click, you can give a target for attacking. Same method is used to issue a Move command to a NPC. On the example image, player has brainwashed a Mutant Bee to be his servant. Although the Bee is likely to loose, it is ordered to attack Lv21 Golem nearby.




Q: What other commands I can give and how do I issue them?

A: Press TAB or perform a right mouse button-click on top of the joined character. This opens a 6-icon dialog. From that you can choose what this very creature should do. You can order Follow, Run away, Stay and Attack. In addition there are three different modes which are Pick Items/Don’t Pick Items, Throw weapons at Enemies/Don’t throw weapons at Enemies and Pick Pockets/Don’t Pick Pockets. You can also ask an ally to bring you an item.

Q: The Allied characters block my way! What do I do?

A: And you probably open up the conversation options over and over again. Press key ”V” or change the mode from talk mode to attack mode. In the attack mode the allied characters swap places with you instead of chatting.

Q: How do I give an items to my allies?

A: It is similar to throwing an item. Use the tHrow-command by pressing a key ”H” or select the item from the list with a right mouse-button. You can’t give an item directly if the ally is not in an adjacent square. Do not throw at them, because that is considered as an Attack.


Q: What do I profit from hosting a Party?

A: The players character gets Custom Experience Points from every kill that the Party performs. This is a special type of Experience Points which grants you free level-ups every time the Grail is fulfilled. Other advantage of a Party is that you can transport a lot more items that one character alone.


Q: How to Load or Save a game?

A: Click on the Monkey Wrench or press key ”F9” to open Settings screen. You can close the screen by pressing ”F9” again or clicking on the turn-arrow.


Q: The game runs very fast or very slow and I don’t have enough time to react!

A: You have probably set the Game Speed to Real-time setting. Open up the Settings Screen and adjust the Game Speed by mouse or by pressing keys ”4” and ”5”.


Q: What is this Old Skool GFX, a demo scene effect?

A: No. It changes the way how the graphics are drawn. In the old game there was no transparent graphics, only map blocks. You can change this setting by the Old Skool GFX setting.

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