F.A.Q.2 Pick pocketing, Getting mad, Experience Penalty, Gold, Mining

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Q: So it is possible to pick pockets in this game! How do I do that?

A: Yes, you can become a legendary thief. Perform a right mouse button-click on the target near to you or press TAB to open this very same two-icon-dialog. Then press Q or click on the left side icon. Another short-cut to steal items from others is to use arrow keys when the LEFT SHIFT is pressed.

Q: Does the difficulty change according the thief level?

A: Yes. There are several factors that change the chances. A successful theft from a very dangerous guy will bring your character much more Thief experience.


Q: I got caught. What should I do now?

A: If the creature from whom you tried to snatch asks items for payment you must make a choice whether you give them or not. If you don’t give the items, the creature gets mad at you.


Q: I tried to snatch, couldn’t pay the fine and the creature got mad at me! What now?

A: There are lot of options, but the best one is usually to run away and wait until the creature has calmed down. The creature doesn’t want to kill you, but deliver some savage beating.

Q: Does the mad creatures ever calm down?

A: When some being is mad at you, it means that he/she/it wants to see your hits below 25% of your maximum. It is quite dangerous to let him/her/it do it. You could try to steal again, which might make the creature very mad and then the calming down would take much longer.


Q: What if I put my ATTACK MODE on and strike back?

A: If somebody is mad at you, in this game, it happens for a morally competent reason. Attacking back will cause EXPERIENCE PENALTY.


A: It is a penalty for attacking non-hostile creatures or counter-striking creatures who are mad at you. The creatures who are afraid may be attacked without a penalty. If you attack a non-hostile creature out of the blue, you cause yourself an Experience penalty and a change in the targets Alignment. And that is heavy. You kind of mess up somebody’s life by doing that.

Q: How big is this EXPERIENCE PENALTY?

A: Depends on your level. Higher levels your character is, harder the penalties are. You never lose a level though, but it will take a lot of efforts to get back on track.

Q: I never find good items. Is there any shops I could buy them?

A: It depends on the map you’re on. On some campaigns there are no shops at all.


Q: Does the shops run out of stocks, can I buy them empty?

A: Usually not. On most of the maps, the stocks are unlimited and with fixed prices.

Q: I don’t have any gold. How do I get some?

A: In most of the World of Arch Campaigns there are places for recycling items. This means that you take items, usually melee weapons, there and get a little compensation in gold. Usually Dwarf Smiths do this. They like to melt weapons back to bars.

Q: Are the walls and doors indestructible or can I mine through them?

A: Some maps have impermeable walls and breaking the walls is impossible. On other maps there are certain items which are meant for mining and wall-breaking purposes. Usually normal sharp weapons break if they’re used for bashing through the walls or doors. Metal doors are always indestructible. You can try to break walls just by walking against them. The maximum damage of your wield weapon and Fighter Level determines how fast the wall crumbles down.

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