F.A.Q.3 Shooting Arrows, Spells, Searching, Creature Information

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Q: I have a short bow and arrows. How do I shoot one?

A: There is your quiver of arrows on the right side of the screen. Just perform a left mouse button-click on top of the desired type of arrow and then choose a target on the field. Alternatively you can press key N, select the chosen arrow by pressing Enter or N again and then choosing the target on the field. (shoot aN arrow, in finnish ”NUOLI” = ”ARROW”). Remember, that you don’t wield a bow in order to use it! The best bow is always used automatically.


Q: I want to cast a spell. Do I have Magic-points or something?

A: Yes, MANA points are just below your HIT points on the right. Each spell costs one point.

Q: My character has no Mana-points at all. How to get some?

A: Not all characters know magic in the beginning. You can get Mana points and start casting spells by advancing WIZARD levels or by collecting magic items such as ”FINE NECLACE” or ”MAGIC WAND”. These items will increase your maximum Mana points and give a chance to learn magic.


Q: How do I choose the spell?

A: Perform a right mouse button-click on the spell-box. This will browse through your known spells. Alternatively press key L (List spells, in finnish ”LOITSULISTA” = ”SPELL LIST”)

Q: And how I cast the spell?

A: Perform a left mouse button-click on the spell-box. Depending on the active spell you’ve casted, you might have to choose a target for it. Alternatively press key T (casT a spell, in finnish ”TEE TAIKA” = ”CAST A SPELL”)


Q: How can I learn more spells?

A: Your character learns more spells from the white scrolls called MAGIC SCROLLS. You read the scroll by using it (perform a left mouse button-click on top of it or key K). The scroll has one of the seven spells on it.

Q: Why there is only seven spells in the whole game?

A: In order to keep things simple. There are a lot of other magic items that cover up all kinds of effects.

Q: How do I search items?

A: There are two ways to do that. Click on your character when you’re on an empty space or press key E (Examine, finnish ”ETSI” = ”SEARCH”). If you need to search large areas, try to get the Spell Search Items.


Q: What is all this information my mouse pointer gives to me? ”Lv12 Amazon (Nearly dying!) Common Neutral Weapon and Armour.”?

A: It is important information during the game. You can see what creatures will attack you and how hard they are to defeat. Well-armoured foes are naturally harder to win. The statement in brackets shows how well the creature is doing.


Q: What does that ”Common Evil” mean?

A: It is Mentality and Alignment. Mentality tells does the creature travel a lot from a map to map. Alignment is one of the 7 possible aligments. It defines the natural enemies, for example ”Chaotic” vs ”Lawful” etc.

Q: Ok, ”Lv” means an average of the creature’s toughness. Is it possible to win much harder foes then?

A: Infact, it is. With cautious strategy and luck. Usually it’s hard.

Q: Why an Evil aligned creature doesn’t attack against other Evil?

A: Alignments should be considered more like gangs or political parties. They support their own representatives and co-operate the similar tendency.

Q: Why the Map is not always shown?

A: In some maps the Map is shown only if your character possesses a certain Mapping Item. Find or buy that item and the Map view will open!

Q: Is this an educational game, because some of the commands orginate from Finnish language?

A: No, this is not an educational game, but the game does originate from Finland. The first version of the game back in 1994 was entirely in finnish.

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