F.A.Q.1 Picking, Throwing, Using Items, Attacking, Talkies

First Days of Survival in the World of Arch


Q: How do I pick up an item?

A: First you go on top of the item you wish to pick and perform a left button mouse-click on your character, who is in the center. Alternatively you can press key O (Own an item and in finnish ”OTA” = ”TAKE”)


Q: And how do I throw an item away?

A: You can throw items away or at somebody by performing a right button mouse-click on top of the item you’re carrying. After the click you must choose where you’re going to throw it. Alternatively you can press key H (tHrow an item, in finnish ”HEITÄ” = ”THROW”) If you wish to drop down some amount of gold, perform left mouse button-click on the yellow number on the top-right corner. Alternatively you can press G on the keyboard.


Q: I was throwing away an item, but the target square doesn’t come further. Is this a bug?

A: No, it’s not a bug. It means that you can’t throw the item further than that.


Q: How do I wear an armour, shield or helmet?

A: Move your pointer on top of the armour, shield or helmet on your carried items and perform a left button mouse-click. Alternatively you can press key ”K” and select an item to use by your arrowkeys (Konsume/aKtivate/use an Item. In finnish ”KÄYTÄ” = ”USE”).

Q: What are the two-letter things on the side of the carried items?

A: The corresponding two-letter abbreviations appear to the right side of the items. ”Ar” for Armour, ”Sh” for Shield and ”Hl” for Helmet. ”Wp” is the weapon in use. It can be nearly on any item and that means, that you can hit your enemies with nearly any kind of item. Ranged weapons act differently. Always the best bow is used.


Q: Does the game choose a best weapon automatically or how do I wield a weapon?

A: The best ranged weapon is used automatically, but the close-combat weapon is not. Also allied units will automatically use the best weapon they have available. To wield or unwield a weapon perform a left button mouse-click on the side of your carried items. The letters ”Wp” indicate you’re wielding the item. Nearly any item can be wield as a weapon. Alternatively press a key ”A” (Arm a weapon, in finnish ”ASE” = ”WEAPON”)

Q: How do I attack somebody?

A: Simply run at somebody in the attack mode. If you run at somebody in the talk mode, you try to establish a conversation with that somebody. If he/she/it doesn’t speak or is an enemy the conversation won’t be long. If you try to chat with a hostile creature, your talk mode changes to attack mode automatically.


Q: How do I change the mode I’m in?

A: Perform a left mouse button-click on the run over mode box. Alternatively you can press key V (change run oVer mode, in finnish ”VAIHDA MOODIA” = ”CHANGE MODE”)


Q: It is possible to start a conversation with somebody. How is that done?

A: There are two ways. Either run over somebody when the talk mode is on or perform a right mouse button click on somebody who is near to you. Then click on the right side icon or press W. Remeber that this small two-icon-dialog won’t open if the creature is not near to you. This means one square distance.

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